Safari Vehicle: 11 Important things to look for in a good safari car.

Safari Vehicle: 10 Important things to look for in a good safari car.

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Most of us are looking forward to that adventurous safari in the legendary African savannas, coupled with memorable scenes of great beasts roaming on endless plains and dusty Acacia landscapes, soaring over majestic rivers and mountains. One of th­­­e most important aspects to consider before embarking on a safari, is the condition and standard of your safari.

Most African wildlife parks have dusty, bumpy and rough terrain, which calls for a very specialized kind of vehicle unlike what we are accustomed to. Depending on the activities and duration of your safari, your vehicle defines the line between success or failure of your journey. Your safari vehicle should also maximize your photographic and filming aspect(Visibility factor), provide comfort and offer the adequate adventure, hence all our safari vehicles are custom-built to offer you a satisfying safari.

Features of a good safari vehicle

Strong custom-built Four-wheel(4X4) drive to conquer rough terrain, plus a secured steel frame chassis.

Tanzanian national parks and wildlife reserves don’t have tarred roads. The government believes in leaving the wildlife habitats as natural as they can be, which includes, restricting human infrastructure that can inhibit or alter wildlife ecosystems. Most of these roads are not even paved, hence they can be unpredictable, with the prevailing rapid weather changes. environment. Hence, having a strong and good 4X4 safari car is paramount in navigating wildlife parks. A good 4X4 safari vehicle is vital for avoiding getting stuck, accidents or even endangering tourists. 

Comfortable seats (5 to 7 seaters) with seat belts, arm rest and leg room.

Our safari cars have 5 to 7 passenger seats with enough leg room to facilitate a comfortable game drive. In most safaris, tourists can take from 5 to 8 hours on a safari car, hence a good comfortability factor is important in ensuring that tourists don’t get overly tied. All our vehicles are fitted with comfortable arm-rest and seat belts for your safety and easy ride.

360° View through a large pop-up roof hatch for enhanced game viewing. and photographic opportunities plus 2.5 ft windows.

All our vehicles are fitted with a pop-up roof that can open and close during rain or extreme sunshine. The pop-up roof provides tourists with a 360° view and room to stand upright while in the car, coupled with big window, which is key on a game drive.

Good shock-absorbers for a comfortable journey.

As said earlier on, some terrains can be very bumpy, such as the stretch from Ngorongoro to Serengeti, also known as the “African massage”. If a car doesn’t have a good shock-absorber, it can lead to a noisy and shaky ride, which is not safe for the tourists or the car.

Binoculars included in every vehicle.

Our safari vehicles are come with 3 pairs of binoculars to enhance the game viewing experience. Tracing wildlife in the savanna, can be tricky if one doesn’t have a pair of binoculars, since animals are mostly camouflaged into their surroundings while some may be far from the vehicle, hence having a good set of binoculars can richly enhance your safari experience.

Fridge and cooler box for constant chilled supply of soft drinks.

We supply chilled soft drinks and water on our safari through a fitted fridge and cooler box in each of our safari vehicles. Sometimes in can get very sunny and arid during a safari, hence having a fridge to provide a constant supply of chilled drinks is a game changer. The fridge is connected to an inventor, which always runs when the car is on.

Charging ports for your electronic devices, Wi-Fi and air conditioning.

In this day and age, we all want to have our communication devices and cameras charged at all times. Just because you are far from the lodge, deep in the African wilderness, shouldn’t mean you can’t get your devices charged. All our vehicles are fitted with numerous charging ports for ensure that you stay powered-up.

Strong and durable tires plus spare tires.

Due to the gravel and rough nature of the terrain, we use durable thick tires that can handle rugged roads. Not only that, all our safari cars, are fitted with extra two spare tires attached to the back of the vehicle.

Comprehensive first aid kit, fire extinguishers, tool kits and VHF radios.

The health and safety of our clients is very important to us. Our vehicles are health kits and VHF radios that can ensure proper communication with safety officers where there is no telecommunication network coverage. Our company has a membership access to AMREF flying doctors that can transfer clients with flights to the nearest health centers incase of any health problem coupled by their travel insurance.

Supply of soft drinks, bites and snacks, coffee and water on the go.

We provide a good supply of water, soft drinks and much more during the whole time of your safari.


The African safari is an outdoor adventure in a natural unenclosed zoo, hence keen measures have to be taken in choosing the adequate safari vehicle, so as to ensure safety, comfort and a satisfying safari experience.


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