A large herd of African Elephants walking on plain grassland in Tarangire under beautiful clouds during an adventure safari

3 Days Adventure safari to Tarangire, Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro crater

3 days safari:
Set off on this Epic 3 day trip through Tanzania’s must-see locations like Tarangire, Lake Manyara, and Ngorongoro crater. You will start off at Tarangire national park through the savanna bushlands, as you get to explore the amazing wildlife-crater before heading off to the beautiful Lake Manyara, ending in the adventure-packed, world-famous UNESCO heritage site of Ngorongoro crater at the heart of the African wildness.

*This package trip can depart from a minimum number of 1 person.

*Can be customized upon request, to meet travelers’ needs and number people.

*2 Nights Hotel/Lodge 3 Star accommodation (upgrades on request)

*Meals = (B) Breakfast (L) Lunch (D) Dinner

Trip Extensions are available on request.

Happy man carrying woman on the back on a beautiful beach-Staajabu tour

Bush to Beach Safari: Touring Tanzania extensively.

Bush to beach safari:

This package incorporates a beautiful blend of adventure safaris and quiet time at the scenic coast and white sand beaches of Zanzibar. After a long dusty safari, one needs to wind up at a rather quiet and slow-paced destination like Zanzibar which offers completely different activities compared to the savanna wildlife parks, like swimming with the dolphins, kite surfing, sunbathing and dhow cruises.

Migrating wildebeest climbing a stiff river bank in Serengeti by Staajabu Travel

Serengeti expedition: A safari on the endless plains.

Serengeti expedition:

The cradle of wildlife, the endless plains, the pinnacle of a wildlife safaris, 15,000 square kilometers of sheer beauty and wondrous existence of wildlife, that is the Serengeti. This legendary national park is one of Africa’s best wildlife sanctuaries with spectacular and abundant wildlife sightings to match a few parks in the whole world. Venture on a 3 day exploration of the plains, rivers, kopjes and millions of wildlife gatherings on this beautiful safari.

  • The endless plains of the Serengeti.
  • Encounter some of the biggest lion prides in the world.
  • Get a first-hand look at the famous Kopjes.
  • Explore the seasonal great migration and massive Nile crocodiles on the Mara river.
  • Serengeti has some of the biggest population densities of big cats and antelopes in Africa.
  • Rest and dine in premium safari lodges and campsites.

*This tour is fully customizable to include other parks and attractions.

Aerial shot of mount Kilimanjaro's snow capped peaks by Staajabu Travel

Mount Kilimanjaro by Marangu route: Africa’s highest peak.

Mount Kilimanjaro(Africa’s highest mountain):

Approaching legendary Kilimanjaro from the southeast, we take the popular Marangu Route, with a total trip time of six days, thus giving us even more acclimatization time and an even better chance of reaching the summit. Lush rainforest and Alpine moorland characterize the Marangu route, a trek that is challenging, make no mistake, despite the extra time given to acclimatize. You will have a private vehicle to take you to and from the mountain gates. Accommodation on the mountain on this ‘Basic’ category trip will be in mountain huts – a true adventure.

Trip Highlights

  • Reaching the summit(Uhuru peak)! Experiencing that incomparable, ‘roof of Africa’ feeling
  • A more relaxed pace than other routes, but longer in time and distance. But very challenging!
  • Stunning views as you ascend.
  • Discover the Coca-cola route.
  • Encounter the 5 zones of the mountain, namely the cultivation, forest, tundra, desert, and arctic zones, with unique beauty and features.
  • Explore the wildlife and plants at high altitudes.
  • Dedicated guides, porters, and cooks – a great team to help you on your way.

Trip Style

*All equipment and climbing gear are available for rent. Contact our team beforehand to arrange this for you.

Additional information:

There are 5 ascending routes, namely; 1. Marangu route(From around $1850 for 6 days and you will need to reserve mountain huts because huts are mostly used in this route rather than tents), 2. Machame route($1,990 for 7 days); 3. Lemosho route($2,000 for 7 days); 4. Rongai route($2000 for 6 days) and 5. Umbwe route is among the hardest & shortest route ($2200 for 5 days). There are 2 descending gates; Mweka and Marangu gates. Joining a group reduces the price through cost-sharing.