Close up of Maasai woman by Staajabu Travel

First-hand Maasai Experience.

Maasai tour:

The Maasai are a famous Nilotic tribe that is known to have migrated from the horn of Africa and Ethiopia down to the great rift valley lakes of Kenya and Tanzania. They are mainly pastoralists and nomads that move about the land for water, pasture, and shelter for their livestock which are considered sacred in their culture. They are among the few tribes that still practice their ancient and primitive cultures in this modern age. Get to see and experience first-hand their ways of life, their history, traditions, dances, food, and their relationships with nature, such as their keen knowledge of herbal medicine and wildlife.

*Tourists can choose to extend this tour by sleeping at the Maasai village and live with them for a number of days.

Tourists standing infront of Arusha declaration Mwenge monument in Arusha city

Arusha city tour

Arusha city tour:

Arusha has been a tourist hub and junction point for most travelers visiting the parks and natural attractions of northern Tanzania since the 1950s. Now it has grown to a big town, and there is a lot to explore on a good day trip, from the local markets, the food scene, museums, monuments, and local schools.


  • Visit the different monuments in Arusha, such as the Arusha declaration, the Clocktower, the Ugandan war, and much more.
  • Restaurants and cafes with good organic coffee and tasty food from nearby farms.
  • Visit the local markets.
  • Natural history and political Museums.



‍*Tour can be customized to be included as an addon after or before a safari.

Pink flamingos at lake Natron with mountains on the background by Staajabu Travel

Tour of Lake Natron

Lake Natron day trip:

Explore this natural alkaline lake from in the volcanic landscapes of Ngorongoro and its highland. Right at the heart of Mount Ol’donyo Lengai, this lake serves as a food refuge for Flamingos and many other bird species that eat the blue-green algae that specifically grow in such waters.


  • Great view of Lake Natron.
  • Encounter the highly active volcanic mount Ol’doinyo Lengai.
  • Pink flamingo and rich birdlife.
  • See the archaeological history of this place.
  • The Maasai and their villages.

The Best time to visit is from June to August to see Flamingo and numerous other birds, while September to November is good for those who want walking safaris to explore the faunal, floral, cultural, and historical aspects of the locality.