A large herd of African Elephants walking on plain grassland in Tarangire under beautiful clouds during an adventure safari

3 Days Adventure safari to Tarangire, Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro crater

3 days safari:
Set off on this Epic 3 day trip through Tanzania’s must-see locations like Tarangire, Lake Manyara, and Ngorongoro crater. You will start off at Tarangire national park through the savanna bushlands, as you get to explore the amazing wildlife-crater before heading off to the beautiful Lake Manyara, ending in the adventure-packed, world-famous UNESCO heritage site of Ngorongoro crater at the heart of the African wildness.

*This package trip can depart from a minimum number of 1 person.

*Can be customized upon request, to meet travelers’ needs and number people.

*2 Nights Hotel/Lodge 3 Star accommodation (upgrades on request)

*Meals = (B) Breakfast (L) Lunch (D) Dinner

Trip Extensions are available on request.

Beautiful view of Ngorongoro crater covered in clouds at dawn by Staajabu Travel

Ngorongoro Crater Daytrip

Ngorongoro crater: The perfect day trip safari location from Arusha.

Pristine rainforests, rugged beauty, and extreme biodiversity define the Ngorongoro crater. This is an off-the-beaten-track location that is ripe for adventure. This UNESCO world heritage site is among the 8 wonders of the world. The crater has among the largest and riched biodiversity of wildlife in the world located in one place.

*This package trip can depart with a minimum of 1 person, with pickup and dropoff at Arusha.

*Can be customized upon request, to meet travelers’ needs.

Female tourist standing in front of waterfall in Marangu Kilimanjaro region by Staajabu Travel

Kilimanjaro in one day.

Kilimanjaro day trip:

This package lets you explore Moshi town, all the way to the entrance and exit gates of Kilimanjaro. Experience organic coffee production and see the whole process, right from the farm all the way to your cup as you engage in local tribal dances and art scenes. Visit the ancient and spectacular underground Chagga caves, which have kilometers of intertwined chambers for storing livestock, food with routes to rivers, bedrooms, and meeting areas, plus a notable ventilation system. You will also visit a beautiful waterfall and visit Moshi town’s rich history and one of the largest sugarcane farms in east Africa.

Highlights and attractions:

  • Local organic coffee processing and tasting.
  • Tour of Marangu gate of mount Kilimanjaro.
  • Exploration of the ancient Chagga caves.
  • Experience the Chagga culture
  • Tour of waterfalls of the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Custom Trips: Please only use this as a reference itinerary. We can cater a trip to your budget, the number of people and any number of days you have.

Tourist taking a photo of Themi Hill waterfall during a Staajabu Tour

Themi Hill Day Trip

Themi Hill:

On the beautiful lush green of the slopes of Mount Meru, lies a scenic waterfall called Themi Hill waterfall. This is the tallest waterfall in the northern circuit of Tanzania. The stunning vegetation provides a good scene for a memorable trail walk and nature hiking on a day trip from Arusha city.

Trip Highlights

  • Northern Tanzania’s tallest waterfall.
  • Evergreen forest and vegetation to explore during the nature walk.
  • Primate species and rodents.
  • Good swimming opportunity at the waterfall.

Trip Style
Basic Day Trip

Two people snorkeling on turquiose clear blue waters of Zanzibar by Staajabu Travel

Zanzibar tour: A beach and Coastal adventure.

Zanzibar adventure:

Zanzibar is a travelers hotspot because this pristine coastal island harbors a rich history, culture, beautiful views, and wonderful experiences to the speculating tourist. Also known as the spice island, Zanzibar offers a plethora of unique spices and oriental food cuisines to match a few in the whole world. With its clear blue oceanic waters and white sand beaches, this is truly a world-class destination. Explore the Stone town, Prison island, Forodhani street food scene and many more.

Departures: Any date on request

Tour activities included:

  • Tour of Stone Town, Portuguese fort, the Slave market, Forodhani gardens, and Sultans’ house.
  • Swim with the dolphins.
  • Jozani forest.
  • Spice tour.
  • Tour of Prison island and Sea turtles.
Happy man carrying woman on the back on a beautiful beach-Staajabu tour

Bush to Beach Safari: Touring Tanzania extensively.

Bush to beach safari:

This package incorporates a beautiful blend of adventure safaris and quiet time at the scenic coast and white sand beaches of Zanzibar. After a long dusty safari, one needs to wind up at a rather quiet and slow-paced destination like Zanzibar which offers completely different activities compared to the savanna wildlife parks, like swimming with the dolphins, kite surfing, sunbathing and dhow cruises.

Migrating wildebeest climbing a stiff river bank in Serengeti by Staajabu Travel

Serengeti expedition: A safari on the endless plains.

Serengeti expedition:

The cradle of wildlife, the endless plains, the pinnacle of a wildlife safaris, 15,000 square kilometers of sheer beauty and wondrous existence of wildlife, that is the Serengeti. This legendary national park is one of Africa’s best wildlife sanctuaries with spectacular and abundant wildlife sightings to match a few parks in the whole world. Venture on a 3 day exploration of the plains, rivers, kopjes and millions of wildlife gatherings on this beautiful safari.

  • The endless plains of the Serengeti.
  • Encounter some of the biggest lion prides in the world.
  • Get a first-hand look at the famous Kopjes.
  • Explore the seasonal great migration and massive Nile crocodiles on the Mara river.
  • Serengeti has some of the biggest population densities of big cats and antelopes in Africa.
  • Rest and dine in premium safari lodges and campsites.

*This tour is fully customizable to include other parks and attractions.

Swimming in turquoise Kikuletwa hotsprings

Chemka Hotsprings: Also known as Kikuletwa or Majimoto.

This hot spring pool is formed through underground streams of water that perforated on the surface of the earth after passing close to molten lava rocks, which explains the warmth of the water. Due to the igneous and high mineral contents of the water, many people believe the water has medicinal values. The rich blue-greenish-coloured pool is 6 meters deep and about 30 meters squared wide, located on the beautiful location near Boma Ng’ombe.


  • Plenty of swimming space surrounded by lush evergreen vegetation.
  • A good picnic and day trip near Arusha and Moshi.
  • Available all year-round.
Departures every Tuesday
Close up of Maasai woman by Staajabu Travel

First-hand Maasai Experience.

Maasai tour:

The Maasai are a famous Nilotic tribe that is known to have migrated from the horn of Africa and Ethiopia down to the great rift valley lakes of Kenya and Tanzania. They are mainly pastoralists and nomads that move about the land for water, pasture, and shelter for their livestock which are considered sacred in their culture. They are among the few tribes that still practice their ancient and primitive cultures in this modern age. Get to see and experience first-hand their ways of life, their history, traditions, dances, food, and their relationships with nature, such as their keen knowledge of herbal medicine and wildlife.

*Tourists can choose to extend this tour by sleeping at the Maasai village and live with them for a number of days.

Tourists standing infront of Arusha declaration Mwenge monument in Arusha city

Arusha city tour

Arusha city tour:

Arusha has been a tourist hub and junction point for most travelers visiting the parks and natural attractions of northern Tanzania since the 1950s. Now it has grown to a big town, and there is a lot to explore on a good day trip, from the local markets, the food scene, museums, monuments, and local schools.


  • Visit the different monuments in Arusha, such as the Arusha declaration, the Clocktower, the Ugandan war, and much more.
  • Restaurants and cafes with good organic coffee and tasty food from nearby farms.
  • Visit the local markets.
  • Natural history and political Museums.



‍*Tour can be customized to be included as an addon after or before a safari.