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Africa’s highest mountain and the world’s highest free standing mountain.

This is the roof of Africa and the world’s highest free-standing mountain soaring at 5,895 meters above sea level. Mount Kilimanjaro is truly a unique spectacle. Its year round ice-capped peak is a marvel in its own. Located near the equator, one never stops wondering how such ice cold environments and snow white peaks can be found here.The Kilimanjaro is among the world’s natural wonders. It has the largest diversity of vegetation cover boasting of a montane forest, tundra, cultivation zone, an ice cap and even a desert. It normally takes many hikers 5 to 8 days to finish the climb.


The experience of climbing Kilimanjaro affected me so powerfully that, for a long time afterward, if I caught myself saying, “I’m not a person who likes to do that activity, eat that food, listen to that music,” I would automatically go out and do what I imagined I didn’t like. Generally I found I was wrong about myself – I liked what I thought I wouldn’t like. And even if I didn’t like the particular experience, I learned I liked having new experiences – Michael Crichton.

Elevation: 5,895 meters (19,308 feet) above sea level.

Location: Northern Tanzania.

Temperature: -7°C (-19.4°F) to -27°C (-16.6°F).

Activities in Kilimanjaro:

CHALLENGINGMountain Hiking

WILDLIFEPark Walking



COMPELLINGBird watching

FIRSTHANDCultural Tours

The true giant of the African skies.

Established in 1973, Kilimanjaro national park has many animal species that call this place home, such as elephants, buffalos, zebras, leopards etc. Its rich glaciers melt into large rivers that have been a source of water for hundreds of thousands of people down its slopes. Meet the wonderful people, the rich history of the indigenous tribes inhabiting its slopes. The rich fertile volcanic soil provides a necessary means of livelihood in terms of cultivation of both food and industrial crops.

With the increase in global warming and the subsequent increase of global temperatures, the ice cap has been documented to decrease over the years especially since 1970. We encourage our clients to take part in planting trees and supporting local environmental conservation initiatives to counter this threat to such an unprecedented natural resource.

Key attractions.

The Serengeti is teaming with beautiful features that you should never miss. From the wildebeest migration, Kopjes and inselbergs, the endless plains, the sounding gong rock, large prides of lions to the gigantic Mara river crocodiles and many more wonderful natural spectacles.

Times and seasons.

From January to February marks the short dry season which come with small drizzles. This is characterized by dry roads and clear mountain trekking trails which allows climbers to hike safely. From March to May, the long rainy season brings constant heavy downpours, river overflows, muddy roads. Hiking may be risky due to slippery roads & substantially very low temperatures. The long dry season from June to October, ushers in clear skies, good game views, dry roads & terrains that are more frictious. Due to low rainfall, climbing becomes much easier than other seasons. November to December brings the short rainy season; as this is the holiday season & the roads are accessible since there is interchanging moderate rainfalls & sunshine, that allows good trekking.

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