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January 27, 2019by staajabu0
a). What to pack for a safari: 

It is best to travel light and correctly choose what you will need and not necessarily what you want. Below is a checklist of what you should pack before going on a safari.

1). Appropriate Visa passport and proper travel documents.

Make sure to contact your travel organizer about your Visa requirements prior to your departure. It is vital to have these documents with you at all times while on your journey to Tanzania. 

 2). Pairs of cotton pants and Khaki shorts: Khaki is preferable than jeans. Observe the colors and always choose subdued colors like brown, grey, or cream.

 3). Long-sleeved shirts for keeping warm during cold times and protection against mosquito plus T-shirts and short-sleeved shirts.

 4). Windbreaker that is lightweight and preferably waterproof to shelter you from windy game-drives on an open roof and a raincoat or poncho for rainy days plus a fleece if the destination can get too cold, such as Ngorongoro, can reach 6°C/43°F.

 5). Underwears and socks that are wash-and-wear and a swimsuit or beachwear plus pajamas. During safaris, tourists may be required to move across different wildlife parks and this shouldn’t be a hindrance for you to be comfortable during evening hours.

6). Pairs of gloves for keeping warm and a thick pair of hand gloves for touching sharp plants while walking plus, a beanie in case you are going to a cold destination and a pocket penknife with a rich tool kit plus, a torch.


7). Cap or hat with a brim that can also cover your neck and ears, because the African sun can be brutal especially for people that will do walking safaris and open-roof game drives.

8). 1 or 2 pairs of hiking or walking boots and light trainer shoes, plus flip-flops or slippers for bathing and moving around with ease.

9). Light toiletry kit includes toothpaste, body scrub, brush, soap, shampoo, lip balm, moisturizer, conditioner, and sunscreen, are a few of what you should pack for a safari: Get your appropriate Sun Protection Factor (SPF). and an insect repellent.

Use liquid or oil repellents for the skin and sprays for your clothes and potable hand sanitizers, less than 100 millimeters each or packs of treated hand wipes, and a small repair kit with a needle portable battery hair clipper plus 1 microfiber travel towel.

If you are using prescription drugs, get enough drugs for your whole journey since there aren’t big hospitals in wildlife parks, and be sure to pack your feminine materials, like pads, etc.

10). High UV protection sunglasses and binoculars and camera and memory cards (Optional): You can use your phone.

11). Plastic packets for packing things to prevent messy displacement of things and a lightweight paperback notebook or diary for writing wildlife sightings or other notes and a bird and animal identification book. (Apps are preferable).

12). Reusable water bottles and hard cookies, snacks, or nuts. Avoid strong odors that will attract wildlife and a portable travel first aid kit: A potable kit with Headex or paracetamol for headaches or pain-relieving, antibiotics for cuts, sores, or bites on prescription drugs, get good medical advice from your doctor before traveling and a suitable travel adapter for charging your electronics.


13). Portable backpack or sports bag (preferably waterproof for trekking). Use an ultra-light travel suitcase for packing all your gear.

 *Note: This checklist above is based on lithe travel advice and is subject to the traveler’s discretion. 

Always consider the weather and length of the safari. Sometimes you may need to add more pairs of clothing to keep warmer.

 Disclaimer: The brands displayed above are not in any advertising contract with Staajabu Africa Travel Limited. Every image is solemnly for examples and depictive purposes. The brands displayed are by no means a suggestion or promotion by our company. Many great brands serve and offer even more excellent qualities than most of these.

Images source: Amazon.com

 b). Conclusion:

Above are some of the few things on what you should pack for a safari. All in all, before embarking on your journey, it is best to talk to your safari company to cut advice on the proper safari clothing and where you would use them.

Doing this will reduce your luggage size, planning time, and potential hassle due to inconvenient forecasting. Be sure to contact us today to schedule your upcoming exciting safari in Tanzania.


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What to pack for a safari: 13 Important Things you need to know.

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